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Floating dock by CUBISYSTEM

Over the years a growing number of industries continue to rely on CUBISYSTEM products and services. In the building and public works industry numerous companies use CUBISYSTEM floating docks to work on water.


Working platform, barges for shifting heavy equipment, floating bridges, pump supporting platforms, floating scaffolding etc… The possibilities are endless. We work with BTP (French building and public works), maritime and water treatment companies, quarries, mines, underwater works companies, shipyards, bridge maintenance companies, hydroelectric dams, wharfs etc. 

CUBISYSTEM is also developing its activities in the petroleum, gas and offshore sectors.

We are pioneers in the use of modular cages in the field of fish farming. Over 2000 cages are in use in the Mediterranean basin, Indian Ocean, Asia and the Caribbean.

floating docks

CUBISYSTEM regularly works with French and other countries authorities:

Civil Defence (France) entrusts CUBISYSTEM for its operations in the event of flooding, with platforms for heavy duty pumps, floating evacuation roads, platforms for keeping equipment above water, etc…

In the fight against the pollution caused by the “Prestige” oil tanker shipwreck disaster, CUBISYSTEM was requisitioned to install anti-pollution barriers in the Arcachon basin.

River and port authorities chose CUBISYSTEM to replace their heavy steel floating docks (mooring, steerage, and tugboat companies…)

Floating docks

Paris Airport has equipped their water reservoirs at Roissy Charles de Gaule with CUBISYSTEM floating docks.

CUBISYSTEM participates in the expansion of fishing villages by offering its consulting skills and technical support to the local authorities in the Overseas Territories, as well as in Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

CUBISYSTEM modular floating docks systems are prized for their durability and reliability, and do not require heavy machinery for their installation. These qualities allow CUBISYSTEM to earn the confidence of these highly specialized professionals while fully respecting their technical and financial constraints.


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